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"Race Neutral College Admissions: Lessons from the Texas Percent Plan." Panel at American Education Research Association Annual Meeting, April 2008, New York, NY. Thurston Domina was the discussant. The papers presented were:

 - "Missing in Application: The Texas Top 10% Law and Campus Socioeconomic Diversity" by Dawn Koffman and Marta Tienda

 - "Changes in Texas Universities' Applicant Pools after the Hopwood Decision" by Mark Long and Marta Tienda

 - "Top 10% Law and Minority Student Academic Performance: Lessons from UT-Austin" by Sunny X. Niu and Marta Tienda

 - "Race and Ethnic Differences in College Achievement: Does High School Attended Matter?" by Jason Fletcher and Marta Tienda


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"Affirmative Action vs. Percent Plans: The Texas Case" Rockefeller College at Princeton, by Marta Tienda, March 6, 2003




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